Spectra’s Construction Division serves the petroleum, chemical, power, manufacturing, water and wastewater industries with broad experience and expertise in process, production and manufacturing facilities and systems.  Spectra performs new construction, upgrade, and maintenance projects including piping, equipment installation, repair & replacement, structural steel, civil, concrete, and other facility improvements.


  • Field Fabrication
  • Installation and Modification or Repair of Piping Systems
  • Structural Steel
  • Facility improvements
  • ASME and national Board Code fabrication (“R” Stamp) repairs and alterations of boilers, pressure vessels and associate piping

Spectra  is a California licensed general (A) and electrical (C10) contractor. mechanical and civil contractor. Spectra holds an NBIC “R” stamp and is qualified to perform repairs and alterations on ASME Code boilers and pressure vessels.

Spectra deploys a substantial equipment fleet with all the general and specialized vehicles, equipment and tools needed to perform our services.  Spectra ensures that equipment is modern, high quality and diligently maintained to ensure proper performance and safety.  In addition Spectra is part of the Bragg group of companies and has access to their extensive equipment resources, including cranes, rigging, heavy transportation, excavation and other equipment.

Spectra contracts under all contemporary contracting forms including lump sum, time and material, unit price and cost plus fixed fee/award fees.

Spectra’s craft workforce is represented by building and trades unions and comprises the most highly skilled and trained journeymen, and apprentices available.  In addition Spectra provides specialized training to ensure that all employees understand and embrace our corporate values and goals.

Services are available throughout Southern and Central California